Cornell Johnson School of Management

For five years we served as the public relations counsel for this Ivy League business school in Ithaca, New York. We led the efforts to secure publicity for the Dean, for the full-time MBA program, for the part-time EMBA programs, for selected professors, and various research projects in the U.S. and abroad. We also created new events for the School and publicized existing events to increase the exposure of centers and programs. The highlights include:

DEAN: Bob Swieringa, an accounting professor and Dean, was interviewed on Forbes.TV, and Bloomberg on his role as Dean and as a board member for GE. Joe Thomas, who succeeded Swieringa, was publicized via OpEds we helped write for him in the San Francisco Chronicle and Industry Week. In addition, Swieringa was featured on TV during the Nasdaq closing ceremonies in Times Square and quoted for many stories in the Financial Times and other media.

RESEARCH: We publicized dozens of original research papers from professors in Finance, Marketing, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and other disciplines. Some of the highlights include a Wall Street Journal article about a Cornell project to grow healthy vegetables on rooftop gardens in the slums of India; A Financial Times story on “base of the pyramid” studies by students; New York Times and Christian Science Monitor articles on Second Life, parts of which were reprinted nationally via Reuters and the Tribune syndicates; CNN story and Financial Times article on stock splits; a New York Times article on CEO compensation that was reprinted in many other publications; an income smoothing study published by Dow Jones and reprinted in many other articles. A new study on the risk of hiring women in the workplace was the subject of a 2-minute story on CNN.

EVENTS: Created the “Finance 501” series of graduate-level lectures for top-level journalists in New York at the Cornell Club. The first event featured three professors lecturing for one hour each on stock options, SEC regulations and a new book on the housing crisis. Fourteen reporters attended including the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Financial Times, Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, CFO magazine, Down Jones and others. We publicized the MBA Stock Challenge, a worldwide competition of MBA students in front of Wall Street money managers at Cornell. Coverage included the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Associated Press and local TV. For the closing of the Nasdaq, we convinced the exchange to change their colors from blue to Cornell Red in Times Square of the final TV shots broadcast to financial stations around the world. For the MBA Stock Pitch Challenge we obtained coverage from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Associated Press, local TV in upstate New York and many other media.

MBA PROGRAM: Several programs were targeted for increased publicity including highly profitable EMBA programs. After enrollment in the 12-month biotechnology course fell by half, we placed a high-profile story on the front page of San Diego Business Journal and in two biotechnology publications and enrollment doubled. An article in Insider Higher Education on the Distance Learning MBA Program resulted in several dozen new applications.

Sample Media Coverage