MIT Sloan School of Management

Wynne Communications worked with the Dean and senior faculty and staff of the Sloan School of Management to find the “signature story” that best promoted the school’s unique educational experience during a short assignment in 2005. We chose to market Sloan’s signature international Global E-Lab program, which sent students to study in Africa, Asia, South America and Africa. We interviewed Sloan students, helped craft their stories, and promoted them to international, national and local media. The project resulted in media articles and stories in National Public Radio, Trends magazine in Belgium, The New York Times, Austin American-Statesman, Buffalo News, Boston Business Journal, Sacramento Bee and the Financial Times. In addition, we introduced the staff and students to editors at the Financial Times and Economist for their MBA blogs which resulted in stories that ran after our engagement.  We maintain excellent relationships with MIT as they continue to attend our BAM and High Tech conferences every year.

Sample Media Coverage

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